Friday, September 23, 2011


I always make it an evening with Ginny.... when I need new frames! Everytime she just grabs and I try them on and the process begins.... Getting TWO pairs this time! Ended the evening having a drink a Tonics, it was nice to hang with her, it's been way too long!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dad, I hurt

Carson's statement this morning after our ride yesterday at Silver Star. My son is amazing... children really have no fear. He would fall and get right up... Did superstar 3.5 times...

Last thurs and fri we took Lyric to school in the morning and picked her up on Fri and had her over for a playdate until Craig came at 5. So cute those two... I swear we might as well send out the invitations now lol...

Fri night was our 11 year anniversary, that I forgot....oops. We went to the firehall for a baby shower and saturday we went to Noah's 3rd birthday.

We watched the new Xmen movie... and on TV Ryan has been watching alot of American pickers, Storage Wars and Myth Busters.... Carson enjoys these shows too....

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Paislee Press

I love it when designers "listen" to their consumers! I asked if these could be purchased separately and less than a week later.... "poof". I made some like it on my own in Photoshop, but I will buy these also just because ;)

Thursday, September 01, 2011

School Shopping

We did some clothe shopping in Vancouver for Carson. Went to our favorite store in Pacific Centre, H&M, what a waste of time, not our favorite anymore. So we went to Metro Town to hit Old Navy and try to get Carson some DC shoes also. First thing we say at Old Navy was the colourful, skull hoodie, C was in love lol.... It was interesting watching Ryan, he gets quit involved when it comes to picking out shirts and pants for Carson LOL... and NO freakin skinny jeans ALLOWED!

We didn't have any luck with DC shoes in his size so I took him when we got back into town on Tuesday. Got him two pairs, he's happy now ;)


Got back from vacation Monday night... what an amazing time. Carson wanting to move to Whistler and asked why can't we just stay longer... We couldn't agree more buddy. Already planning to just stay in Whistler the whole time next year and we were talking about how we could start saving for the extra cost of the hotel!

Carson: "I don't like travelling much, right Mom" Do you?
Me: Well buddy it gets us to the fun stuff right.
Carson: ya, we don't like sitting in the small places, but it gets us to where we want to go... so...

He says "So" alot at the end of a statement and "right Mom, or right Daddy"

I went back to work today after two days of laudry, unpacking and repacking for camping this weekend and trying to go thru photos and ideas to start my Project Life. The vacation album is a family affair this time, with Carson and Ryan contributing... wish me luck!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

in Carson's words... his downhilling day

fun, fast, bumpy

I felt excited going up on the gondola. Then we went to the bike park... skills centre. The instructor taught us to balance on the ramps. The snake trail was easy. put all your weight forward on the teater before you roll forward and then go forward. The easy does it trail was easyish to me. I fell once off the camel humps, but got right back on.

When we picked Carson up at 3:30 he looked happy but exhausted... that didn't last long though lol. of course

Biking with parents the next day...

Carson just had to take his parents to the bike park, so we geared up and rode the gondola to the bike skills park. He showed us how he could ride everything in there including the smaller teeter.

Riding down the trail with my two boys infront of me was a very happy moment for me. This is it, this is the life I created and I love it!

Carson had struggles on the second half of the trail and was crying a bit and frustrated that he had to walk in two spots, but he made and down and to our surprise wanted to go right back up again. Well I have to say I was very proud of him! He pushed thru his struggles from the first time and rode those two spots he had to walk the first time. He was proud of himself and buddy, we were/are super proud of you two!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Getting ready to leave for Whistler after work today.... Weekend was busy with fun and chores. Carson had Ashley over for a sleepover... first time he's had a friend over now that I think bout it... put them to bed at 9:30 then finally at 11ish they were asleep. A couple of times before that I thought they were but then they got up to pee... they were getting tricky and whispering.

We had Barb and Tony over for dinner Sunday, Ryan did appies. We all went to the backyard while the boys/kids (neighbour girls joined us) play with the RC trucks on the track that Carson, Ryan and Dad made... I'll have to tell that story another day.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Went for my Sat morning girls ride today, but had to use a demo bike cause they weren't finished serving mine yet. Was a good ride, but hot today. Carson has Ashely over tonight for a sleep over. He's really having a hard time listening to us lately and it's really getting to Ryan and I. Getting ready for our family vacation to Vancouver and Whistler next week... can't wait.